Moments #6

The Crown

S + S, Jodhpur, 2010

This image comes from one of our early Sikh wedding. The fact that the groom insisted on tying his own turban and repeated the process thrice to ensure that he ties the ‘perfect’ dastaar (as the Sikh turban is known) got us intrigued as to what exactly does the turban symbolize in Sikh culture.

Couple of google searches later, here is what we found. The turban is not merely a protective head gear for the Khalsa (sikh warrior) but it is also spiritually connected to the very foundation of the Sikh culture. Earlier only the royalty wore turbans, but the gurus promoted it in the general masses thereby eradicating the caste divide. The turban is also is thus also a symbol of commitment to the Gurus. Truly, the crown jewel of a rich heritage.

Next time you want to do good at a quiz, take the wedding photographer along :)


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