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Two dreamers, a bunch of cameras and our tryst with documenting love. We are Knot in Focus, one of India’s leading candid photography and cinematography company. We come from different walks of life and walk life differently. But when it comes to capturing the moments that matter, we couldn’t have been a better match…for you. In our heads, we are engineers. At heart, we are artists. We’ve shot weddings all over the country and abroad for about 3 years. From the royal palaces of Rajasthan to quaint temples in South India…the backdrops have always been spectacular. Our passion for capturing beautiful moments is the force behind the success of our respective previous companies - Photokhichega and PhotosutraKnotinfocus is our quest to combine our skills and capture your best moments and memories to the best of our ability. So that they remain etched in your mind forever. We are eagerly awaiting to hear your story!



Having more than 12 years of experience in Film Visual effects in both Bollywood and Hollywood, creating aesthetic visuals has always been a part of my life. As a Computer Science graduate, the mix of tech and art is what drove me to become the youngest VFX supervisor in films. Over the years, my love for photography has slowly turned from just a hobby to something I breathe and live. A traveler, scuba diver, trekker and ardent photographer by heart, creating stunning pictures and videos is like second skin to me.



I spent the early years of my career hedging cash flows and trading in foreign currencies. Photography happened out of the love for free travel and free food (no seriously!). I picked up my first camera as an MBA student at Simon School, New York and by the end of my MBA, I knew that I wanted to be a photographer! A movie buff, adrenaline junkie, tech savvy with a slightly unnatural craving for Rajasthani food…that’s me in a nutshell!


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Simran and Simar

There is a very large framed canvas print of my husband and I outside Umaid Bhavan hanging up in our home. But it is one of a few select photographs from our wedding that we have displayed. This is because our wedding pictures are virtually impossible to choose from. Trust me. I have sat down with gusto on many occasions to select photos for our album but reliving moments so perfectly captured takes time. You guys slipped right into our wedding festivities and very unobtrusively made it to the right place at the right time, never once blinding people with lights or making us pose constantly. Their images, all of which we have looked at numerous times, truly capture those three most heady, magical days.





Preethi and Ankur

One of the best decisions we made during our wedding preps was to go for Knotinfocus’ services. And we say this because : it has been two years since we got married. We STILL look at our wedding photos very often — with a lot of fondness. Your work was not only professional but also warm. You guys took no time in getting to know our families and friends. Ours was a small scale wedding compared to the big gala ones you may have have covered. We never, for even a tiny second, felt short changed. And that really speaks a lot about the folks that they are. Your post-processing was also lovely and worth the wait. Even though unexpected (and unwelcome) events came up while you were working on our album, you still delivered an A-one product. And you even offered to make up for the delay caused. We really appreciate your gesture and are very happy about your sincere efforts. We also loved how you shipped across the one-ton album to us! The moment we got the album and when we both sat down to see the photos together – it will forever be special to us. By the way, thanks for the memorable Mehendi night party. It was crazy and will always remain burnt in our memories (thanks to you folks! Haha!). Our “fake Mallu-Punju-Delhi” folks just want you to remember that you have an open invitation for one such party whenever you are in town — Mehendi night or not. :) Lots of best wishes!


Tosha_optTosha and Ravi

I think after a few years, you forget a lot of things from your wedding. All that is left is the best of the memories. We are lucky to have Abhinav as a family. Our wedding album is a wedding gift from them and I don’t need to see anything else to revisit those memories. It captures them all. It covered the affection and warmth of entire family and did absolute justice to our family reunion. And I guess, their love for us made our pictures even more beautiful. Beautiful angles and brilliant compositions encompassed my painstakingly designed mandap and
décor perfectly. It is difficult to tell which is the best picture… there are so many. We wish you guys all the best and hope that you continue capturing memories that last for a lifetime with this zest and love for the beauty in our Indian festivities. This is the best gift ever




PK_VIS_WHITEWEDD-1372Vishakha and Karl

‘Collect moments, not things’ – This is what Karl and I live by and when it came to some of the most precious moments in our lives we trusted Knotinfocus to capture them for us and it certainly turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. For everytime we look at our pictures, we almost feel that we are in ‘that’ moment. We had seen a Knotinfocus’ images on their website and decided  to go ahead with them. We even finalized them before meeting them and I’m glad we took that chance because it all turned out really beautiful. They were
very warm which made it extra special and also easier to work with them. The very fact that our family has decided to engage them again for another wedding  in our family is the biggest compliment we can give them. We look at our wedding photos very often and each time we cannot wipe the smiles off our faces and for that – a big thank you to Knotinfocus!



PK_ROO_CPL-119Apurva and Roosha

Apurva and I would love to thank you for capturing those treasured moments from our wedding, so that they last forever. You were so professional and yet so nice, you made us feel so comfortable – almost like you were a part of our family. We went into great details planning for wedding and good photography was very important to me. The couple shoot was the most fun part, where we developed a connection with you guys and had four hours to spend with each other, forgetting the stress of the wedding. The photos from the shoot are breath taking. The relationship we built with you that day made us feel even more comfortable on the wedding day. The photos are so incredibly beautiful, it is difficult to choose which ones to put in album and which ones to get enlarged. We just wish we had more occasions to invite you for photography. The photos will be a lifetime reminder of what a beautiful day we and everyone else had. I reflect back on the past now and say it was the photography that really made our day – not the flowers, not the food, not the video. We would recommend you guys without any hesitation. Lots of wishes, Roosha and Apurva.


323916_391866690863048_401723969_oDisha and Kashyap

Of all the things I wanted perfect in my wedding, photography was the important to me. Having Knotinfocus on board to take care of that took a huge load off my back. I don’t think we could have got anybody better for the simple reason that they understood the essence of how I wanted each and every minute detail and moments to be captured. The passion and dedication with which they took up the task on the event days made me feel confident that the job will be well done. What was more overwhelming was to see was how well they mingled amongst the family members. My parents were apprehensive on whether they will be able to do justice but they pulled it off effortlessly and gave us memories that we are cherishing every single day. I well proud of having them to create those moments for us. It was one of the best days of my life.


Marwari Punjabi wedding candid wedding photography indian raj palace jaipur rajasthan (20)Garima and Anand

As a hardcore photography enthusiast choosing THE right photographer for my marriage was of utmost importance to me. I always knew that this is one of the most important investment I’ll be making for my marriage. My first meeting with them was more of a chit-chat and the connection was instantaneous. Couple of months later, at my marriage, the chemistry just followed. What I love about them is that they were there all the time! It be a morning mehndi or a late night cocktail, you guys were busy making memories for the family. Needless to say,
your work speaks for the quality. You’ve chosen the right partner for yourself, now make sure you chose
the right photographer!

In addition to candid images and films we also offer the following

  • Flush mount and coffee table style print albums – Plush premium albums made from tear and water resistant paper



    • Reception day/same day edits of wedding films – Relive your wedding memories in your wedding reception!


Couple’s presentation – Same day edit

Reception presentation


  • Photo-montages for a/v – Not your everyday photo+audio presentation, ask us for a sample!
  • Photo-booths – Time to jazz up that party with some funny props and some funnier pictures
  • Concept shoots – Underwater couple shoot? Trash the dress shoot? We do it all!

1. What is candid wedding photography/cinematography ?

Its regular photography by candid cameraman .. almost! Candid or photojournalistic style of shooting attempts to capture moments without the cameraman grabbing much attention of the subject. That way we are able to maintain a discrete presence while still being able to capture some wonderful emotions.


2. Do you travel for assignments?

Like crazy. Enough said :)


3. Where are you based out of? Can we meet to discuss our events?

Our office is located at Nariman Point Mumbai and we are always up for a hot cuppa tea and some warm discussions


4. Do I need to book you early?

We do get booked well in advance (sometimes as much as a year). So it’d be a nice idea to not delay that phone call anymore.


5 Do you shoot half days? Do you shoot by the hour? Do you shoot by the picture?

We shoot for whatever time it takes to give you a comprehensive coverage. We don’t look at our watches on shoot, we don’t take power naps and we don’t stop even if it is pouring cats and dogs (true story)


6. Do you print albums?

Yes we do and we offer a wide range of the same. Drop in at our office or request for an online sample. We’d be happy to provide more details


7. What are your other deliverables like … number of pictures, editing etc?

As like question 5, we provide everything that you may ask for and more. Our deliverables include (and our not limited to), all handpicked color corrected pictures, print ready pictures, albums, wedding video trailers, same day video edits, short wedding films, large prints etc.


8. What is your team composition like? Who does what?

We house some of the best photographers and cinematographers in the country. We work seamlessly as a unit and the roles are well laid out in order to deliver an excellent end product.


9. I still have lots of questions .. what do I do?

Reach out to us on phone/in person. We are as eager to hear as you are to tell.