Moments #2

The Swirl,

V + K, Delhi, 2012

It is good to be reminded occasionally, why we do what we do. Like most brides, Vishaka was nervous and stressed in the run up to her wedding. On the day of the Mehendi, Vishaka’s mother had a brilliant idea to allay her anxiety. The extended family was gathered and instructed to grab a handful of petals from the flower pile for the decorations. The idea was to shower Vishaka with flowers when she enters the family home.

When it happened, Vishaka was so overjoyed that she broke into an impromptu swirl, literally dancing her worries away. We were fortunate to be there not just to document  but share and be part of the family’s unbridled joy. As wedding photographers we may have the best laid plans but it is moments of true serendipity like this that help us create magical images. Here’s a big ‘Knotinfocus’ shout-out to Vishaka and her mom.

Candid wedding photography (4)

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