Viral and Aanchal

Viral and Aanchal,

Not every love story needs to be the same. Every once in a while we come across a non childhood-sweethearts-proposes-on-a-uber-romantic-date love story that turns out to be a superb wedding to shoot and an awesome couple to shoot with. Viral and Anchal’s was technically an arranged marriage but 15 minutes into a pre-wed shoot with them and it seemed more of a ‘destined’ marriage. Their smiles were genuine and so was their new found love. The wedding that followed carried the typical gujju-friend-circle-takes-over-the-wedding euphoria. At one stage during the pheras, the friends and family decided to take the whole ‘flower-shower’ business to the next level and by the end of the epic flower varsha (see it in the pics to believe it), both of them were hiding under a cloth to cover themselves.

Whoever came up with the term ‘arranged’ marriage :P


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